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I think it makes absolutly no sense to control my entertainment system or other devices in my flat from outside. To get your rooms ready and warm wehn you're comming home, there are timers for, everithing else makes just security problems.

«Why do you close & lock your door? - your home system let's me in at every time»
#1 nimble (Link) on 2007-07-25 07:34 (Reply)
But these security-problems already exist when you control your entertainment-system by bluetooth. Your neighbour could control your entertainment system, as soon as he hacked your authentication key.

To prevent a hack, you need to be authenticated. That could be done by the SIM-Card. To use an analogy: You're also not afraid, that someone uses GPRS and it gets billed to you, do you?

I guess where there is a need for something, there will be a product. I'm sure there are people who'd like to come home from work and find their oven already heated-up. The oven should heat up as soon the person leaves the workplace. But it might not be possible to set the timer in the morning, because you don't know in the morning when you are returning from work in the evening...
#1.1 Andreas (Link) on 2007-07-25 21:21 (Reply)

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